First 6 Steps to Get Your Idea Off the Ground

First 6 Steps to Get Your Idea Off the Ground

Write it down

Write down all your ideas. Write down the smallest details. I keep a little notebook I purchased from the $1 store in my purse so that I can instantly write down any tiny idea that comes into my mind. Anything thing surrounding that idea; whatever questions I may have, or things I may want to look into, I write it all down.This will help give you a sense of everything it will take to complete this project and if the timing is right for you.

Google it

Doing some basic research before really beginning to invest time and money into an idea can help save a lot of time. Is an idea like mine already on the market? How did it work for them? What did and didn’t you like about what others have done? How could you make yours the best or unique from others already doing it. Doing some basic research can help you identify potential competitors, price points, target market, pitfalls, etc.

Identify your market

Whose problem are you solving? Who would gain the most from your idea? Your idea is perfect for someone, what are some characteristics of that perfect candidate? How old is your perfect candidate? How much do they make? Where do they live? What do they do for fun?

Create stages and milestones

Next map out what it is going to take to bring your idea into fruition or reality by breaking it down into stages with milestones. Giving deadlines for these milestones will help you measure progress and success while holding you accountable.

Invest… a lot and be prepared for no return

The amount of money invested to get an idea off the ground usually exceeds what you will make the first couple of test runs. It takes money to make money. You’re going to invest a lot of money and time in the beginning. Investing in equipment, software, testing and maybe even staff. You may be doing it all yourself in the beginning and may need to invest in a few courses or certifications. Investing is the inevitable part of making it happen. Spending money on your vision is a MUST.

Embrace the risk

Embrace the risk and lead with confidence. Quit talking yourself out of reasons not to do it and think of all the great reasons why you should do it! Even if you begin with small steps, that’s a start!