The Benefits of Seeing a Counselor/Therapist After the Age of 25

The Benefits of Seeing a Counselor/Therapist After the Age of 25

One of my favorite quotes read “So many broken children living in grown bodies, mimicking adult lives” Meaning that even though at 25 we’re considered adults, a lot of us are just children walking around in adult bodies. Still living with old wounds from trauma that occurred during our childhood. This is one beautiful detail of my own life that was brought to a head like the pimples during a teenage flair up of bacne, during a series of counseling session I attended. In this article I’d like to share some of the benefits that resulted from me seeking a Licensed Therapist after the sweet age of 25.


 The top benefit someone of any age can appreciate about having a therapist is the CONFIDENTIALITY. Who doesn’t want to be able to dump all of their deepest darkest secrets, thoughts, bad habits, and traumatic experiences onto another person with the understanding that THEY CAN TELL NO ONE? HIPAA Laws are so strict nowadays that any brink of trust could result in a therapist jeopardizing their own license. Knowing that the more details about your life you share with this person will not only amplify the ways they can help serve you but knowing that it’s kept between the two of you is very powerful in aiding to your healing.



 Anytime someone wants to debate whether seeking therapy is beneficial or not I try to explain that anytime I’ve expressed to my counselor a negative emotion, she has a tool to combat it. She has piles of books that elaborate on the power of positive thinking. She has writing exercises that help me to touch emotions that I’ve suppressed for years, and affirmations to combat them all. Not only does she have tools, but she has helped me to create my own battle plan to fight negative feelings when they surface.



They’re experienced listeners that don’t form biased opinions. Majority of us know which friends are always going to take our side and which friends will tell us the truth.  When talking to a counselor none of this is an issue. They don’t form biased opinions. Truly, they never form opinions at all. They just listen to yours and help you sort out how you feel about the situation at hand. They also won’t coerce you to make a decision that benefits them, like your friends can sometimes do.



 They have the ability to guide you back to THAT place in your childhood. After having the same theme repeated in a number of relationships seeing a counselor helped me realize one thing, that the same types of relationship I attract in my life mimic the same relationship I have with my parents. I would have never been able to dig that deep had it not been for counseling.



 A counselor can help in finding your passion. My counselor pointed out that I constantly compare myself to others because I did not know my own purpose in life. She was able to suggest books and other tools that helped me find my passion. In turn, has helped me with the comparison my brain seems to do on its own. lol.



 They can help you sort through, filter, organize, and either delete/destroy or file all 1 million of your thoughts, ONE. AT. A. TIME! A lot of times we believe everything we think, and we’re afraid to share our thoughts with others out of fear of being judged. A counselor is there to help you sort through each other those thoughts, and also to help you put a stop to the negative nagging thoughts.

I hope some of these points help you in deciding if seeking therapy and counseling is the right idea for you. I know it has definitely benefited me in this journey called life and I encourage others to take a chance on it.