Living Your Best Life Is Not Always a Vacay

Living Your Best Life Is Not Always a Vacay

Life is hard af on it’s own and running this website or having a business is even harder. I had this period where I was just so depressed, didn’t want to deal with anyone outside of my family, and was always thinking the worst of all situations. I was driving myself crazy and I couldn’t deal with it anymore. Living your best life isn’t sunshine vacations and expensive things it’s an attitude, that I put on EVERY MORNING and here is how.

1.  I instantly cut off or ignore anything that triggers my anxiety or causes me to worry or stress.

A time came where I could begin to feel anxiety in my throat. I thought my heart was gonna explode right through my chest because I would get so nervous. It honestly scared me and I hated that my fears could make me feel this way. I legit thought it was over for me one time and after that I vowed to never let anyONE or anyTHING have control over my body. When you can feel your emotions making you sick that’s a different type of scary. If I need to take a day to respond to a phone call or text that's what I'm going to do. If I don't want someone or something in my presence or on my timeline, that's going to trigger any emotion outside of happiness I simply remove it. 

2. Eat Good

“The paradox of possessions is that we assume that the happiness we get from buying something will last as long as the thing itself. It seems intuitive that investing in something we can see, hear, and touch on a permanent basis delivers the best value. But it’s wrong.“
— Travis Bradberry, Forbes

Every Sunday my family would sit together at the dinner table, and even after the food is gone we would still sit around and talk for hours. We get together now it’s the same thing. Eating to me is more than just consuming food, the fellowship that comes along with it is just as important. Even when going out with friends, finding a unique restaurant, trying new foods, and catching up on each others lives, mixing all these things together, I don’t know it just brings a special kind of joy. Not only eating out but watching what you consume, you actually feel better. I’m working on this part as well but I will say dinners with friends and family are good for the soul. Which brings me to my next point...

3.  Paying Attention to Your Body

After like 28 your body changes, this is a fact. I ain't like that one bit. I started paying attention to my skin, what I ate that made me feel good or bad, or how my body reacted to certain things. Spending Saturday doing face masks, working out, or just eating differently matters and it makes you feel better. When you take care of your car, get it cleaned shined and all that jazz, you feel good and want to show it off. It’s the same with your body.


4. Pay for Experiences not Things

This is very important to me. Yes I love clothes, shoes, and gadgets but the love for that thing only last while using it. When you pay to enjoy an experience, that is a memory that can’t be taken away. 

5. Perspective is key

I am struggling right now to change my perspective about working a 9 to 5 and trying to see it as what fuels my business. I will say when you see things from a different perspective, it helps change your attitude. I haven’t applied this to my job but I have applied it in certain situations with other people and it helps you see another point of view.

6. Being Grateful

“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears”
— instagram meme

It is important to me to always show that I am grateful for many reasons. One, I do not do anything on my own and two, it helps maintain a positive attitude. One bad thing may have happened but looking at all the other great things that have taken place outweigh the bad days, right?. I had a meeting with a lawyer about my business that wasn’t the most pleasant experience because they did not see the value in my vision. That ultimately left me very sad, I vented to my mother about it, then I just took a moment to give God thanks and be appreciative about the things that have worked out so far. The next morning I received an email for funding for my vision.

I was afraid to post that I was doing a photo shoot special. I had the facebook post written up for a week before I got out of my feelings and said “God hasn’t failed me yet, if I get just one shoot, thanks big homie” the next day I was overwhelmed with the responses. Abundance instantly appeared.

I am an example that when you take these small steps it can change your life. Visit that dermatologist so you can have a natural glow. Ignore anything that’s going to steal your joy. Increase your gratitude. All simple things you can do to make sure you are in a better place mentally and living your best life.  I can honestly say consistently doing these small things I am the happiest I have ever been.