Unpopular Opinion: Trap N’ (fill in the blank) Has Got to Go


Trap is the new wave for events and I'm tired of it. Trap N’ (fill in the blank) is just corporate n*ggas way of doing regular things while listening to commercial rap. The word trap to a black business professional and the dope boy off MLK have two very different definitions. It’s young black business professionals appropriating hood culture.  Now look, I’m here for a good time but do we HAVE to add trap in front of every event. Trap basically means someone black is hosting it and will be playing Drake and Jay Z. Trap Karoake was cute, it’s rare that you go to a bar with karaoke and they have songs black people actually want to sing. However, we have trap brunch, trap yoga, trap n paint... I have never seen anyone paint or do yoga in a trap. EVER.

I think what bothers me most is the fact that this level of black people (the professional, gotta little money, went to college level) act as if they are too good for the real trap. I don’t mean hanging in the trap, I have heard them say things you’d expect to come from a middle aged white soccer mom. Like “don’t go to that side of town” referring to the side the trap would more than likely be found. Now of course, we are a multifaceted as a  culture and the trap isn't an unfamiliar to some young black business professionals and if that is you of course this isn't about you. However there are some that fit perfectly in the category of wanting to be a nigga but not really wanting to be a nigga, but love Trap Yoga. 

If it’s just black people getting together and having a good time, that’s what’s up, but it’s far from the trap and anything like it. You’re basically just mimicking what you get upset with white people about. Just be black, just have a good time, we don't have to always add trap. I also am gonna declare the term trap played out. That's my unpopular opinion.

culturewhitney daniel