#20SDS: The Barrons
20 something doing something 20 something doin' something 20SDS
20 something doing something 20 something doin' something 20SDS

I got to sit down with the Barrons also before Saturday to find out a little more about their poetry and recent endeavors. At first they were a little nervous but after a few minutes they immediately warmed up and it felt like I knew them forever. The conversation ranged from their goals, to what they are currently working on, to generational curses, to what they want for their city. You can watch more about the Barrons in this post. We began to have just regular conversation and I noticed E'Laina was more comfortable this way, and it made it easier for her to share her thoughts, so I recorded our conversation while sitting down. She began to talk about the things she wishes to do for the city and her family. They both have been doing poetry for years but it wasn't until recently that they decided to share their gifts with others. You can hear E'Laina explain why she doesn't call her self a poet in the interview below. This is something I totally could feel her with, I write blogs but I do not consider my self a writer.

The Barrons were recently in a play out of Burlington, NC called "Dirty Laundry." It was focused on domestic violence and how it effects families. They are working on bringing the play to Winston next but in the mean time E'Laina is focusing on her blog, My Moments of Honesty. While Larry is focusing on Warrior One Wrestling. He has a summer camp on the way at the Kraze Fitness for children, but he also works with getting adults in shape as well. It is obvious they both have a passion and heart for helping others. They gave me a few hints about the poetry they will be performing Saturday and I am excited to hear it.

Being married with 2 beautiful children has influenced their decision to stay in Winston but it has also encouraged them to help make Winston better through their poetry and plays. They figured if hey can't run from it they might as well transform it. Watch more about the Barrons below.