Growing up, I have always been rather shy and introverted. Making new friends was never a problem for me, the problem was did I want new friends. Personal time, is the best time for me to be creative, and my creative ideas have always been something I have liked to keep to myself out of fear of others opinions. My introverted personality paired with my love for fashion, art, and the finer things has helped me earn the nickname Snooty. Even though I am far from it, this is a common misconception people make not only about me but other artist. It’s not that we think we are better but in the words of Erykah Badu “This is my work and I am sensitive about my s*.” My art and style is something I have always been shy (not Snooty) about and I created this blog to share a few of my personal obsessions with you.

Enjoy <320150118_151344-MOTION